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Don’t stress over drain line repairs or replacements!

Drain Magic can repair or replace your drain line

without turning your property into a battlefield.
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What We Do

At Drain Magic, we specialize in the repair and replacement of residential drains in South Central Pennsylvania. Using remote robotics and modern materials, we provide homeowners like you with high-quality, cost-effective sewer line repairs or replacements– and we guarantee our work for life!

Drains are all we do. Our tools, technology and expert technicians are focused on keeping household drains flowing, with the least possible disruption to your property.

Home, Drain Magic
Home, Drain Magic
Home, Drain Magic

With Drain Magic, you won’t be stuck with…

  • A big, muddy trench through your lawn, front walkway or flower garden…
  • Additional expenses, re-landscaping and remodeling after a trench gets filled in…
  • Contractors and subcontractors who make you wait around while they dig, inspect, repair, replace and then re-fill and re-landscape your property…

Because we make it happen in just one day.

Underground Drains– NO Trench.

That’s Drain Magic.

Billy Ray(traditional drain repair)

Home, Drain Magic

Drain Magic

a venn diagram showing the difference between a plumber and a plumber.
  • You'll be on a waitlist for weeks!
  • You'll get to enjoy big, GIANT, gnarly holes dug into your property.
  • Get ready for some hearty destruction of your yard and landscape.
  • Outdated, degradable materials will be used, so I can come back sometime and do it again!
  • Noisy, obnoxious and disruptive methods of repair. All for my– I mean, your– enjoyment.
Absolutely NOTHING at all… aside from new pipes.
  • Same-day second opinion, and one-day repairs
  • Very minimal digging to your property
  • Your property will look untouched once repairs are made
  • New, improved materials and polymers that last a lifetime
  • Seamless methods using robot technology and highly-trained operators

How Trenchless Technology Works

Sewer drains might not be the first place you’d expect to find the latest robotics and modern technological advances, but it makes all the difference. And just as technology has changed communication, travel and even entertainment, new advances in remotely operated vehicles and modern polymers have transformed the drain repair techniques homeowners depend on.

Home, Drain Magic

With a small access hole into your home’s drain line– usually in a corner of your basement– we can deploy a dedicated drain-scanning robot to travel the length of your drain, guided by laser and infrared cameras to inspect your line and determine the cause of your problems.

We can repair many drains from the inside out! An impenetrable polymer membrane can be pushed through your drain remotely and cured to extreme hardness with ultraviolet light, creating a durable, long-lasting liner that will protect the inside of the pipe and prevent clogs from forming.

And if your drain needs to be replaced entirely, our remotely operated boring robot (not THAT kind of boring– it’s exciting!) can tunnel through the space occupied by your current drain, burst the old pipe in place and pull a replacement pipe behind it! We can replace the entire length of drain, usually with nothing more than just a small access hole.

Home, Drain Magic
No mess, no ditch, no stress. And a lifetime guarantee.

With “trenchless technology,” drain repair doesn’t need to be invasive, destructive or even unattractive!

Drain Magic can repair or replace your sewer line without damaging your property or incurring the associated costs from repairing sidewalks and driveways or re-landscaping your property.

And rest assured, once we’re done, that sewer line issue won’t cause you any more headaches. The modern, remotely cured polymers and replacement pipes we use will literally last a lifetime.

Explore Our Services

Unfortunately, your home’s drains and sewer lines were installed when your house was built– and they weren’t designed to last.

They were bound to break eventually. Or rust. Or have a tree root grow through them. Or become a rodent hotel.

We get it.

Crap happens.

Sometimes, your sink won't drain, or your toilet won't flush and there's sewage floating in the backyard…

And we know– the smell, the cost and the damage of repairs stink.

a collage of pictures showing plumbers working on a pipe.

That's where we come in!

Drain Magic can provide timely sewer line services that will restore your plumbing in a clean, efficient, non-invasive manner.

From replacements to second opinions, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with the best possible, budget-friendly solution for your needs.

Our team of industry professionals will ensure that when a drain disaster strikes, the only thing that stinks will be that you didn't call us sooner. And we guarantee our work for life!

Don’t diminish your home and property value with a destructive drain repair trench scar that never goes away!

Our Customers Love What We Do

We are proud to offer high-quality, affordable sewer line services that our customers can rely on, no matter the difficulty level. Check out what some of our customers have said about their experience with us:

Home, Drain Magic
These guys are the best. Each one that came to my home was super sweet, very professional, and really dedicated themselves to getting my [problem] resolved from start to finish.
Home, Drain Magic
The quality of workmanship was superb and all customer interactions were positive, courteous and respectful. As new issues emerged, best-possible solutions were offered in a timely, see more...
-Cassandra F.
Home, Drain Magic
The crew who came out to our home were so professional. They told me everything they were doing and would answer any questions that I had.
-Mary G.

Get in Touch

Drain Magic works to ensure your home is functional and safe for you and your family.

That's why we work with you and your plumbers that you already trust to repair or replace your home's sewer lines. Alongside a free second opinion, Drain Magic provides the information you need to ensure your home, business and wallet are protected.