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Welcome Plumbers!

Finding new customers can be a challenge. Keeping loyal customers can be even harder.

It happens all the time: You get a call for what seems like a routine problem. You think you’ll be able to fix it, but when you arrive, you discover that the root of their plumbing problem is beyond your scope…

It’s an underground drain issue.

Now you have to explain to your long-standing customer that you need to bring in a sub-contractor with a digger to tear up their yard… and the results aren’t going to be pretty.

Bringing in the heavy machinery will mean …

Destruction of their property with inevitable holes and trenches.

Damage to the relationship with your customer when they realize the hassle, expense, time and mess their seemingly "routine" plumbing issue has turned into.

Stress over how well the job will be carried out by trades you’ve barely met.

Never knowing how long your subcontractors will take or how long the wait will be before the job is even started.

Drain Magic can make all of that a whole lot easier.

Our second opinion means solutions, not complications!

You can finally say goodbye to all the hassle and damage from trenching and traditional drain line repair and replacement.
Why try to manage a drain line repair yourself, when that’s not what you’re good at? Why jeopardize the long-term relationships you have with the homeowners you serve– the people who rely on you for all their plumbing needs? Those are your customers. And we want you to keep them happy.

When you subcontract a drain repair or replacement to us, you get to protect your customer relationship, bringing them a clean, simple, cost-effective, quickly-executed solution, instead of a front-yard disaster! Suddenly, you’re the hero.

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Even better, we’ll offer your customers priority scheduling, so no one is left waiting and wondering when their repairs will be completed.

And we look after the plumbers who partner with us. Our fee-sharing model covers you immediately for your role in the project.

Put Your Trust in the Future of Drain Line Repair and Replacement. Put Your Trust in Drain Magic!

Why Trust Us?

Our sole focus is on trenchless drain repair and replacement.

Using remotely operated equipment, we reline pipes with modern polymers, curing them remotely so they last for the lifetime of the home– all from the homeowner’s basement.

We access drains without causing damage or excavation by remotely bursting existing pipes if necessary, and replacing them with modern materials by only drilling a small hole at street level.

No digging. No mess. No disappointed customers.

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Underground drains… no trench. That’s Drain Magic.