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Attention Pennsylvania Homeowners!

Everyone has drains in their home. But the truth is, not everyone’s drains are functioning like they should. And that can mean serious problems.

Most homeowners never give their drains a second thought– or even really understand the role they play in their home– until something isn’t quite right.

Is your sink or shower draining slower? Is your toilet backing up? Are there mysterious, foul smells coming from your basement?

It may have never happened to you (yet). But it happens all the time.

two pictures of a plumber working on a sink.
a plumber fixing a pipe in a brick wall.

Most residential and city drain systems are outdated. They were made of soft and often degradable materials that were never designed to last for decades in the cold, wet, tree-rooty ground.

They were bound to fail eventually.

And fixing the problem can be daunting, especially if you don’t know much about your plumbing or drain systems– or what’s typically involved in solving the problem.

When most homeowners call for help getting rid of the smell, they call a plumber. But most residential plumbers are under-equipped to deal with servicing the 50+-year-old pipes buried far below your property.

  • Don’t settle for a second opinion that isn’t first-rate!

    Traditional sewer and underground drain repair and replacement services come with quite a collection of unfortunate drawbacks. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • You could be waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

    Traditional drain companies can take weeks to repair and replace systems, so most places have a waiting list. They book, they dig, they work, they dig some more. It can be a disaster.

  • The costs will be double– if not triple– what you’d expect.

    Odds are, you don’t have a drain line replacement budget already set aside. But when drain problems arise, there’s a lot more work, material and time involved in traditional drain replacements than you might have ever thought.

  • Your neighbors won’t be happy.

    Heavy diesel machinery revving for hours as they dig; a massive trench through your property and the sidewalk outside your house; dirt mounds piled randomly around the job site. We promise: no one wants to see any of this outside their living room window– not your neighbors, and certainly not you.

  • Your yard, your property and your home will never be the same.

    Your lawn might never be the same. There could be permanent hills or dips where your flat, beautiful garden once was. Your finely finished basement very well may end up in ruins, and your driveway might be scarred where the trench line was cut (and patched … almost right). For what, though? A new drain system that lasts a few decades at most?

What if you could have a repaired or replaced underground drain system without ANY of that mess?

We’ll be there faster than you can say “second opinion.”

Repairs and replacements can take only a single day to install.

We won’t drain your savings while we’re at it.

Your neighbors will barely know what happened. (Our process will follow HOA policies and expectations, leaving the neighborhood– and you– at peace.)

We will leave your lawn, property and house just as they were before we arrived.

Using state-of-the-art materials, our drain magicians perform even the most demanding drain repairs– each and every day.

We can inspect, reline, repair and even replace entire underground drains without the holes and damage required using traditional methods.

It might seem like magic. But our fleet of in-pipe robots, cameras and sensors– and the modern piping materials and polymer liners they install– simply take advantage of the latest technology to diagnose and repair drain lines… entirely remotely. (OK… that’s almost magic!)

a plumber working on a sewer drain.

Underground drains… no trench. That’s Drain Magic.