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If you woke up to a drain disaster you never thought would happen to you, why would you add property damage to the mix?

Here is a quick list of our services (but we will get into more detail below):

two pictures of a man working on a pipe.

Why should you trust Drain Magic?

Think of the damage that results from a typical drain replacement:

  • Heavy machinery tracks across your property…
  • Driveway and sidewalk damage that requires new asphalt or concrete patches…
  • The destruction of your beautiful flower beds…
  • Tall, unsightly dirt mounds piled inconveniently around your property…
  • The annoying time commitment and financial costs…

You don’t need or deserve any of that.

You need a company that solves your drain problems once and for all– without creating new problems that cost you time, money and peace of mind.

At Drain Magic, we use modern technology to avoid all of those headaches.

Underground drains. No trench. Lifetime guarantee. That’s Drain Magic.

Be it an emergency, a routine check-up, a second opinion or anything in between, our drain magicians are here to support you.

Whether you’re in a residential, commercial or municipal area, you can rest assured Drain Magic will do its utmost to find the root of your problem, educate and provide the absolute best solution for you.

With our trenchless technology, we’ve streamlined the repair process to be less invasive, longer lasting and more effective than traditional underground drain replacement approaches.

By using advanced robotics and modern materials, Drain Magic's drain magicians can diagnose and repair drain lines remotely–WITHOUT DIGGING A HOLE.

As for our work, we guarantee it for life.

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a person is using a camera to take a picture of a drain.

How Can We Help?


Does your toilet overflow when you flush? Is there a foul smell coming from your drains?

Even with regular home maintenance, your drains can still become clogged with hair, food particles, mineral build-up and much more. When that happens, rather than replacing the entire pipe, consider sewer jetting.
Sewer jetting, also referred to as hydro jetting or water jetting, is an environmentally friendly, non-invasive way to clear drain blockages and maintain drain health in residential, commercial or municipal areas.


Age, frequently clogged pipes or even tree roots growing into small cracks in your pipes could contribute to a damaged sewer line. But how can you know for sure your sewer line needs replacing?

Some common signs your sewer line needs to be replaced include:

  • Slow water draining
  • Mold forming and spreading throughout your home
  • Foul smells in your yard
  • Water pooling on your lawn



Need help installing pipes for your property? Our drain magicians are ready to help.

With our directional drills, trenchless methods and modern technology, we can install your new pipes without digging holes through your property (and wallet).


Sewer line rehabilitation can repair or replace your existing sewer lines through pipe relining, curing, sealing, pipe bursting, sewer jetting and much more.

Our trenchless drain magicians perform these services using minimally invasive methods to achieve maximum results.


Have you noticed an unexplained increase in your utility bills? Has the water pressure in your home decreased? Do you see water pooling in your backyard? Is the water pumped into your home foul-smelling, discolored or filled with odd particles?

These could all be signs your waterline needs to be replaced.

With our trenchless water line installation, we can replace your water lines with minimal disruption to your daily life.


Do you need your sewer issues diagnosed before choosing the best solution?

Let Drain Magic support the plumbers you know and love with our camera inspection services. Once we assess the damage, we’ll provide documentation, and a solution to best solve your problem.

Need a Second Opinion?

Learn More About Our Trenchless Services and How Our Drain Magicians Can Support Your Favorite Plumber