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7 Common Misconceptions About Trenchless Pipe Lining

Adopting new technology is always risky and fear-inducing. After all, not every new technology works as designed, resulting in poor public perception and reception.

In the sewer and drain line repair world, trenchless pipe lining is the new solution on the block. This drain repair uses remote robotics and modern materials to repair and replace drains in ways conventional methods never could.

Unlike traditional practices, trenchless pipe repair does not require damaging pavements and landscapes to fix drain lines. In other words, it is more reliable and safer than homeowners and property managers are conventionally used to.

Look, we get it. It sounds too good to be true at first glance. That is why false rumors and misconceptions are quick to circulate.

This article aims to address all widespread misinformation concerning the technology’s reliability. Ultimately, we want to persuade you to choose this modern, no-stress and no-mess drain repair solution over traditional practices.

Traditional vs. Modern Drain Repair

Naysayers are quick to spread misinformation to defame this new technology. Gnarly landscape holes, damage to property and slow repair times characterize traditional repair. But trenchless pipe lining is the exact opposite!

Below, we address all of the misconceptions:

Misconception # 1: Trenchless pipe lining is not as reliable as traditional pipe replacement

Here’s the truth: trenchless and traditional pipe replacements get the job done.

We don’t deny that.

But traditional pipe replacement relies on plumbers to excavate the lot and manually access the underground drain problem. And everyone knows that people are predisposed to commit errors.

On the other hand, trenchless pipe lining uses man-operated remote robotics to find the underground drain problem. Moreover, the robots are the ones that repair and replace the drain lines. 

Technological precision gives trenchless pipe relining the edge over traditional methods.

Trenchless pipe lining is only for small pipesMisconception # 2: Trenchless pipe lining is only for small pipes

Pipe rehabilitation is a messy ordeal— but only in standard drain repairs.

Another misconception people spread is that trenchless technology only works with small pipes. But in reality, we have pipe bursting methods that destroy pipes, big or small, with minimal property damage.

Obviously better than digging a large hole on a landscape property!

Misconception # 3: Trenchless pipe lining is expensive

When you look at trenchless pipe lining at face value, it does cost a bit higher upfront. But with a holistic perspective, traditional drain repair costs more.

Allow us to explain.

Traditional drain repair techs will dig a large hole in your yard. That entails hiring a landscaper to rehabilitate your destroyed lawn and rose bushes. Moreover, traditional sewer repair uses poor piping materials vulnerable to external damages like roots. This will all cost you significantly more in the long run.

Trenchless pipe lining costs less, not to mention it takes only a day on average to finish the job. Plus, we use corrosion-resistant robust polymer pipes that can withstand even tree roots, which means it lasts a lifetime.

Trenchless pipe lining is not safeMisconception # 4: Trenchless pipe lining is not safe

Do you know what’s really not safe?

A big hideous hole in your front yard that some poor soul can fall into. If the unfortunate happens, that could lead to personal injury cases, which are a pain for cash flow.

With trenchless pipe lining’s minimal damage, you save other people from slip-and-fall accidents. Plus, modern, robust polymer pipes combine cast-iron pipes’ strength and PVC’s non-corrosiveness. That is as safe as it gets!

Misconception # 5: Trenchless pipe lining is not environmentally friendly

Trenchless pipe lining involves fewer materials than traditional methods, meaning less waste and resources used in the process. Trenchless technology also uses highly durable, non-corrosive pipes, which means no worries about their longevity. In addition, without excavation, there’s no need to disrupt the natural environment, making it a win-win solution.

Misconception # 6: Trenchless pipe lining is not suitable for all types of pipes

Whether you are dealing with damaged ABS, PVC or cast-iron pipes, trenchless technology can deliver! The modern pipe lining, repair or replacement method works with all pipes.

Plus, if you have cast-iron pipes, we can restore them to new condition using cure-in-place pipes (CIPP). That means less cost and increased longevity to old lines that have served you through the years.

Trenchless pipe lining is not suitable for all types of pipe damage

Misconception # 7: Trenchless pipe lining is not suitable for all types of pipe damage

Trenchless technology can replace any pipe damage that traditional methods could. But we do it in the least stressful and no-mess way possible.

The quality of your pipes and drain lines can impact the quality of your well-being and even health. 

Choose the trenchless approach if you hate headache-inducing and battlefield-looking property damage that lasts for days, if not weeks.

Drain Magic specializes in trenchless pipe lining and repair that can fix your drain lines in a snap! Contact us  for a FREE second opinion and same-day repairs.