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Best Drainage Pipes for Underground Systems

Did you know that many residential drainage pipes were built in the mid-20th century? Naturally, the pipes used during the construction were limited by the available technology at the time.

Too often, most households have cast-iron pipes for their drainage system. While unrivaled in toughness, cast-iron pipes’ susceptibility to corrosion tarnishes their durable name.

Given pipes transfer water from one place to another, a pipe that corrodes is counterintuitive. As a result, many drainage systems in today’s era are beginning to show damage symptoms. Some may even need a complete renovation at this point.

Now this predicament poses two pressing questions:

  • Are cast-iron pipes still practical for drainage installation in this day and age?
  • If not, what is the best drainage pipe for underground systems?

Stay tuned because Drain Magic will answer these questions in this article.

What are Drainage Pipes_What are Drainage Pipes?

In the simplest sense, drainage pipes are materials used to transport water and sewage away from properties. Improper water disposal in homes, commercial buildings or industrial areas leaves the area vulnerable to issues like:

  • Flooding
  • Structural damage
  • Soil waterlogging
  • Soil erosion

This is where a drainage pipe comes in. Underground drainage pipe installation prevents these problems from happening.

In the case of most households built before the 1960s, they are likely experiencing drainage problems today. Metal pipes like cast iron or copper dominated the plumbing scene then. But their corrosive property makes them inapplicable and impractical today.

If you were to repair damaged metal pipes, pipe relining using polymer material is the best practice nowadays. Using polymers, modern plumbers can create a full inner lining for old pipes, rendering them good as new.

Conversely, if you’re dealing with permanently busted pipes, the best course of action is to install a new one. Below are the best tubes to use for underground systems.

What Types of Drainage Pipes Are Best for Underground Systems?

Now that metal-based pipes are out of the question; you have two options left:

  1. Plastic
  2. Concrete

These two pipes circumvent the risk associated with a metallic drainage pipe while remaining as durable. Here are the best drainage pipes you can get in today’s plumbing standard for underground systems.

PVC pipesPVC pipes

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are today’s most commonly used because of their versatility. PVC is a living paradox, unlike other pipes, because they are robust and malleable simultaneously.

While a person cannot bend the material at will, shaping it is possible with a decent amount of heat. In other words, PVC makes the best pipes for environments with tremendous pressure and weight.

On top of those, PVC pipes are the most eco-friendly materials because they are recyclable. Plus, they are resistant to water and some chemicals.

PE pipes

Another class of plastic drainage pipe is PE or polyethylene. Somewhat like PVC, they are highly flexible while maintaining a robust build. This easy manipulability makes them the most accessible materials for drainage installation.

Pro tip: PE pipes are the best for drainage projects requiring piping in small spaces!

Concrete pipes

Concrete pipes

Concrete is the prime choice if your commercial space or household requires heavy-duty piping without breaking the bank. While it lacks the flexibility of PE pipes or PVC’s malleability, concrete makes up for structural support. Using concrete pipes ensures zero leaks in your drainage system.

Aside from being structurally robust, you can also use concrete as exterior shells for other pipes. The most common application is on less powerful piping materials, making them more durable.

Concrete pipes deliver these benefits while remaining relatively inexpensive. The only problem is that concrete is bulky and heavy, requiring careful transportation, handling and installation.

Consider these three if you plan to replace your damaged pipes or install a new conduit for your home. They are certainly the best value for money you can get!

Drain Magic has your back for your underground drain pipe repair and installation! Book an appointment here and let’s get those underground drains fixed ASAP.