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CIPP Lining: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

Nothing brings a colder chill up the spine of homeowners than underground drain problems.

Seriously, think about it.

There are no preemptive ways to identify sewer line problems before they happen. Plus, with sewer snags often come towering repair costs, not to mention the unsightly hole required to fix your drains.

Thankfully, CIPP or cured-in-place lining removes these headaches. CIPP lining offers an alternative solution to drain problems using remote robotics and modern materials. For South Central Pennsylvania homeowners looking for CIPP lining experts, Drain Magic is your partner for all sewer repair needs.

If you’re wondering what exactly is CIPP lining, how does it work and why is it every homeowner’s choice? You came to the right place. This article delves into everything you need to know about CIPP pipe repair.

What Is Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)_What Is Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)?

Cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP, is a modern-day trenchless solution for rehabilitating damaged underground drains and sewer lines. Contrary to traditional methods, which often involve digging up and replacing damaged pipes, CIPP lining is completed with minimal excavation.

While the CIPP sewer lining process involves minimal digging, the process is no less complex.

It begins with our drain magicians performing a video inspection of the drainage system to locate the damage. After identifying the damage, sewer jetting or the use of high-pressure water jets is performed to clean the pipe. They insert a flexible liner made of resin-impregnated fabric into the damaged pipe, which is inflated and cured using heat or UV light. Finally, the liner is deflated, leaving a new pipe inside.

In other words, CIPP lining bypasses the need for replacement by extending the lifespan of existing pipes.

Why Is CIPP a Popular Choice?

Given the perks of using CIPP lining, it’s not hard to imagine the public’s adoration of the practice. It has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its advantages over traditional repairs. And the market size is proof of that.

According to Verified Market Research, the market size of CIPP lining was valued at $1.96 billion in 2020. This is projected to grow to $2.87 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021-2028.

With more homeowners discovering trenchless solutions like CIPP lining, we expect more to pursue this service in the coming years.

Main Attributes of Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining?

Stay tuned if you’re wondering about the specific selling points for CIPP lining. Five particular main attributes make CIPP trenchless technology particularly desirable:


CIPP lining’s positive reception is due to its perceptual cost-effectiveness. Pipe lining services cost more upfront on average but are more affordable in the long run. Conversely, traditional drain repairs are cheaper upfront but ultimately create a cascade of towering costs.

The following items will further explain the cost-effective nature of CIPP lining.

Non-invasive in repairing damaged pipes

Unlike traditional methods, CIPP lining does not require the excavation of your yard, pavement or driveway. This could be a small hole in your yard or through the cleanout in your basement. More often than not, an access point is all technicians need to fix your drain problem.

The absence of excavation eliminates the need for additional repair or replacement for these possibly damaged surfaces. For instance, imagine a traditional sewer repair digging up a property’s lawn. Unless the homeowner wants a battlefield-looking yard, they must call a landscape expert to fix the damaged lot.

Fast and efficient

CIPP lining is also a fast and efficient drain line repair method. Contrary to traditional practices, CIPP is completed in several hours. Less time for the project indicates fewer labor costs. You can leave work in the morning and return to a fixed sewer line as if nothing happened.



One point of contention with CIPP lining is its durability. After all, it does sound too good to be true. But CIPP lining is a long-lasting remedy for damaged underground drain lines and sewer lines.

When properly executed, a CIPP lining can extend the lifespan of leaky or cracked drains by another 50 years. In other words, you have five decades worth of savings before a sewer line problem resurfaces. That means you won’t have to think of repairs or replacements any time soon.

Useful for various applications

Finally, CIPP lining is helpful for various materials and different scenarios. Whether you have a damaged cast-iron pipe or leaky PVC pipes, CIPP lining is applicable. It also applies to various damages like root intrusions, pipe fractures and corrosion.

No other drain repair solution beats pipe lining in versatility. This makes it an excellent solution for homeowners with different types of pipes in their sewer systems.

However, it’s worth noting that CIPP lining also has some limitations. For instance, it may not be suitable for severely damaged, displaced or collapsed pipes. Additionally, it requires a certain level of expertise and specialized equipment, which not all plumbing companies possess.

For this reason, working with reliable and experienced pros like Drain Magic is crucial to get the best repair service possible. Whether you need a quick repair like CIPP lining or a pipe replacement service, Drain Magic can deliver.

If you live in South Central Pennsylvania and need a service, book an appointment here.