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Drain Repair: Traditional vs. Modern Technology

Drain repairs have always been the bane of many homeowners and property managers. While it is a necessary evil, drain line repair compromises beautiful landscapes and concrete pavements. Ironically, repairing busted underground drain lines meant destroying more property.

For many years, sewer line repair options were limited to traditional digging and trenching. But modern technology introduced a trenchless process that offers customers a sewer line repair service minus the mess.

If you’re interested to learn more about this modern drain repair process, keep reading. We explore the differences between traditional and modern drain repair technologies so that you can make an informed choice.

Traditional vs. Modern Drain Repair

If you are curious to know your sewer line repair options, check the difference, pros and cons below:

Traditional Drain Repair MethodsTraditional Drain Repair Methods

Traditional drain repairs are a bizarre paradox. Technicians and plumbers repair or replace the pipe problem by creating more damage. With conventional drain repair, plumbers need to remove ALL obstructions in between to reach the damaged pipes. And here are some other items that describe traditional repair:

Holes in the property

One of the defining characteristics of traditional drain repair is the gnarly holes plumbers leave on a property. Plumbers have no choice but to dig holes, called trenches, to access the pipes. This leaves homeowners with additional costs for fixing landscapes and pavements.

Traditional degradable materials

We’re glad to report that even traditional repairs have upgraded their arsenal of pipes. In the past, conventional drain repair relied on cast-iron material, which is highly corrosive and degradable.

Today, most drain line repair services use PVC pipes, but even that has drawbacks. Despite being corrosion-resistance, root intrusion can easily damage PVC pipes.

Disruptive repair practices

When you hire traditional drain repair services, you better prepare to say goodbye to your rose bushes and landscape design. Aside from excavating the lot, they also take days, if not weeks, to finish. That means increased neighborhood noise, more mess and even more stress!

Modern Repair MethodsModern Repair Methods

Modern repair is the new-age solution if you want to escape the headache of traditional practices. With modern repair, you can enjoy the following perks:

Robot Technology

Thanks to modern tech, plumbers no longer need to access the damaged drain lines manually. Modern drain repair experts utilize remote robotics to scope the drains and find the damage.

The process becomes significantly more manageable when you have a cleanout in your basement. If not, you can rest assured the robot will find the root cause of your drain problem.

New, improved materials and polymers

Aside from robots, modern repair services like Drain Magic use more robust polymers for pipes. Instead of relying on PVC or other brittle materials, we use sturdy fusion pipes. While possessing the non-corrosive properties of PVC, they are also strong enough to withstand root intrusion.

Minimal to zero digging

Minimal to zero digging

As mentioned above, cleanouts help our trusty robot find the drain line problems. Instead of digging trenches and finding the problem ourselves, we let the machine do its work to locate the issue.

While we usually enforce no digging, sometimes digging is necessary, especially when bursting pipes. But we keep the hole as little as possible— no need to get your landscape designer rushing after!

Drain repair is still the bane of homeowners and property managers, but only if you choose traditional repair services.

At Drain Magic, we always leave our customers with a positive experience. That means:

  • One day repairs
  • Minimal to no damage
  • Zero property or public disturbance
  • We guarantee our work for life

If you want the modern trenchless approach, call our Drain Magicians for a drain repair at 717-936-9444 or book an appointment here.

Underground Drains– NO Trench.

That’s Drain Magic.