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Hydro Jetting vs Snaking: The Pros and Cons

We’ve all been there— standing over a clogged sink or toilet, frustrated by the never-ending battle against stubborn blockages. From food scraps and toys to sticky residue, clogged drains can turn even the simplest tasks into major headaches for homeowners. 

The good news is that professional drain experts have two powerful weapons to combat these clogs. You can choose hydro jetting vs snaking. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of hydro jetting and snaking. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right approach for your specific clog-clearing needs.

Unclogging the Drain: Hydro Jetting vs Snaking

Here are the pros and cons of hydro jetting and snaking that you should consider when choosing what to use on your pipes. 

The pros of hydro jettingHydro Jetting

Let’s talk about hydro jetting first. 

Imagine dealing with a clog within a long pipe. It’s impossible to reach the end with just DIY means. Hydro jetting uses a specialized hose and nozzle connected to an electronic machine. 

This nozzle unleashes a high-pressure stream of water that’s strong enough to dislodge even the toughest clogs. It’s like a power wash for your pipes! Hydro jets are fantastic at clearing out all kinds of gunk from your drains and sinks. 

The pros of hydro jetting

  1. Effective clog removal: Cleaning sewer lines is easier with hydro jetting because of its high-pressure water.
  2. Versatility: Hydro jetting is suitable for both residential and commercial drain lines.
  3. Tree root removal: It can even cut through intrusive tree roots in your sewer line.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Hydro jetting is a safe and eco-friendly option since it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.
  5. Comprehensive cleaning: The entire drain line is cleared, unlike rooter services that only address small sections.

The cons of hydro jetting

  1. Limited effectiveness for severe obstructions: If you’re dealing with extremely damaged or dislodged pipes, hydro jetting may not be as effective. In this case, you will need something more potent, like pipe bursting, for extremely stubborn drain problems.
  2. Potential for pipe damage: Older or weaker pipelines may not withstand the high-pressure water used in hydro-jetting.
  3. Unsuitable for heavily damaged lines: Hydro jetting cannot clear drain lines with significant damage, such as bellied lines.


Now, let’s move on to snaking.

Picture a long, flexible metal tube that’s carefully inserted into the pipe. It’s like a snake slithering down for drain pipe cleaning! 

This tube is equipped with blades at the end, ready to tackle any obstacles it encounters. If it feels some resistance, the snake is twisted to pull out the waste and clear the drain. 

Plumbing snakes, also known as plumbing augers, are perfect for retrieving toys, wrappers, and pesky hair clogs. They come in different types too, with a J-shaped tube for toilets and a straight one for sinks.

Pros of snaking:

  • Proven effectiveness: Snaking has a long history of successfully tackling basic drain cleaning problems.
  • No pipe damage: Unlike hydro jetting, snaking is a gentle process that poses no risk to your pipes.

Cons of snaking:

  • Limited effectiveness against tough clogs: Some clogs may be too thick or dense for snaking to handle.
  • Width limitations: If the auger is narrower than the pipe, it may only clear a small area, leaving bits of the clog behind and causing recurring issues.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Both methods serve different purposes and address specific plumbing needs. Snakes are suitable for small clogs like mineral buildup or hair blockages. Hydro jets excel at clearing pipes suffering from extreme or stubborn clogs. 

The choice between hydro jetting vs snaking methods depends on the type of clog encountered. Only drain specialists can give professional advice on which approach to take on your drains. 

For professional assistance and tailored solutions, contact Drain Magic and bid farewell to those frustrating clogs once and for all.

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