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Is a Trenchless Sewer Repair the Right Choice for You?

Trenchless underground drain repair has taken the world by storm. Gone are the days when digging trenches was non-negotiable to fix your sewer line. Today, people can enjoy a non-invasive, less destructive process of repairing or replacing damaged drains.

But is choosing trenchless sewer repair the right choice for you? Or does going back to traditional practices sound more feasible?

We’ll explore the answer to these questions here! Keep reading to learn whether or not trenchless underground drain repair is the right fit for your problem.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair_ Advantages vs. DisadvantagesTrenchless Sewer Line Repair: Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Without going further, trenchless sewer line repair revolutionizes the drain repair process. There are more advantages than disadvantages. However, the drawbacks of trenchless technology may move parents to select traditional over modern. Discover them below!

Advantages of trenchless sewer repair

Less disruption to landscaping and property

As the name suggests, trenchless technology generally requires no gnarly trenches on your lawn. Small access points or even drain cleanouts are enough to repair sewer damages.

Faster repair times

Compared to traditional methods that require days, if not weeks, to finish, trenchless repairs only need a few hours. The rule of thumb is that underground drain repairs can be completed within a day.

Lower cost than traditional methods

Trenchless sewer repairs can be quite expensive upfront. However, trenchless is way cheaper when you consider the extent of damage that traditional methods cause. For instance, you must contact a landscaper to fix your damaged lawn. Sometimes, hardscape pros are required for destroyed pavements and walkways.

Longer lasting repairs

Instead of typical pipes, trenchless professionals use robust polymers that can withstand more damage than traditional materials. They are like plastic pipes on steroids that are as durable as cast-iron pipes minus the corrosiveness.

Minimal disruption to traffic and pedestrians

Aside from no holes, trenchless repairs do not use heavy equipment to get the job done. That means less community disruption and a lower incidence of accidents to pedestrians.

Environmentally friendly

Given the lack of heavy equipment and less environmental damage, trenchless is more environmentally preserving.

Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is not perfect. There are aspects where choosing traditional methods shines better than the modern approach.

More expensive at face value

If you ignore the landscape and hardscape costs associated with traditional sewer repairs, trenchless sewer repair may cost more upfront. It will be more economical to choose traditional repairs if you can get away with with less property disruption. For instance, drain problems that are accessible aboveground are better solved traditionally.

It might not be suitable for all types of pipe damage

One drawback of trenchless repair is relying on the existing pipe’s state to complete the repair. For instance, a completely collapsed pipe blocks the new lining material from being inserted. Moreover, warped pipes also pose obstacles, which makes relining quite tricky. Some sewer line repairs are better solved through traditional trench methods.

Limits your options for pipes

Still, polymers used in trenchless repairs are highly durable. Their deliberate use of durable plastic pipes makes trenchless methods stand out. However, if you prefer ceramic pipes for your sewer system, you may be better of with traditional methods.

Advantages of trenchless sewer repairPipe relining affects the existing pipe’s diameter

Pipe relining works by using remote robotics to pull a new line of polymer inside the damaged pipe. The polymer is then cured to extreme hardness using UV light. However, if you use tubes with small diameters, the new lining may reduce your pipe’s overall diameter. This results in restricted sewage flow, which may pose another problem.

The disadvantages of trenchless underground drain repair are often case by case. Trenchless may not be the best option if you are facing these specific situations. If not, you can always go right with trenchless sewer repairs.

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