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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Most homes that were built before 1999 are likely to have a cast iron or clay sewer line. Over time, Orangeburg, Cast iron, and Clay pipes become an issue due to breakdown, tree root invasion or settling and need to be repaired or replaced before a leak or a sewage backup occurs.

A traditional sewer line repair or replacement method requires some real heavy-duty equipment to dig up the old line. This can leave HUGE piles of dirt in your yard, along with the possibility of ripping up your landscaping, driveway, patio, floors or walls that the old line may run through or under. When the new line is completed, contractors may patch the street-cut, replace your sidewalks, or rough-grade your yard, but you’ll still have to work to get your property back to its original state! Luckily there are a few other options that can help minimize the damages caused by traditional digging, but today we are going to talk about Trenchless pipe bursting.

The Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Our business started out in the pipe bursting industry a little over a year ago, and man, has it been a GAME CHANGER! Not just for us, but also for our customers. Providing our customers with the absolute best options is what we as a company strive for. Pipe bursting allows our crews a safer and more efficient method to sewer line replacements and provides our customers with a less destructive method of replacement. When you choose to go the trenchless replacement method, little to none of your yard is dug up, the fusion pipe that is pulled in place of your old sewer line is one of the strongest pipes on the market (which means no worry of root intrusion), and last but not least, most companies offer a life time warranty! Talk about a win, win. Here is a short video that I took of a job we did recently


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