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4 Reasons for a Trenchless Rehabilitation on Your Property

Pipes hold a crucial but unseen purpose in the lives of countless residential homeowners. The importance of these pipes goes beyond just carrying water and sewage. Residential areas can also utilize pipes to protect underground gas lines, electric wires and internet fiber cables.

Unfortunately, with much value comes the inevitable inconvenience should the pipes break down. Aside from costly repairs, the amount of property damage it leads to is often unbearable.

But with trenchless rehabilitation, that’s no longer an issue.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation refers to a pipe repair, replacement or installation process that skips the excavation. This process allows homeowners to enjoy no property disruption with the full benefits of getting their pipelines fixed.

The question is: when should a homeowner consider trenchless rehabilitation for their property?

Stay tuned because we will uncover the answers in this complete guide.

Reasons To Consider Trenchless Rehabilitation

Keep reading if you’re considering whether pipe rehabilitation methods are the right choice. Below are the most common no-nonsense reasons to choose trenchless technology methods for your property.

Your piping is deteriorating.Your piping is deteriorating.

If your pipe is beginning to deteriorate, it’s about time to look into trenchless rehabilitation for salvation.

A leak in your water lines or sewer backup can escalate into irreparable damages when left unchecked. It is vital to consider trenchless rehabilitation at first sight of the tell-tale signs of deterioration.

Pipeline damages are often hard to detect. For one, they are hidden underneath or within your walls. Knowing the signs of wear can separate an easy repair and a costly reconstruction. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of some signs that your piping needs help:

  • Sewer lines: sewage backup, slow drain, damp areas on your property, musty odor
  • Water lines: spike in water bills, weak water pressure, moist areas, contaminated water
  • Gas lines: a spike in gas bills, rotten eggs odor, hissing or whistling sound, yellow or orange stove flames
  • Fiber/cable lines: slow internet, poor call quality, electrical surges, flickering or dimming lights

If you encounter any of these problems, trenchless rehabilitation may be necessary.

You want minimal disruption. 

Producing minimal disruption is another benefit of choosing trenchless solutions over conventional practices. Instead of digging up half of your yard, trenchless professionals can now repair subterranean damages while aboveground. That means no heavy equipment, gnarly holes, less noise pollution and less neighborhood disturbance.

One crucial benefit of minimal disruption is keeping neighbors safe from accidents. This frees you or your traditional contractor from receiving possible insurance claims or lawsuits.

Aside from being safe for the neighborhood, trenchless rehabilitation is generally more environment-friendly. No heavy equipment minimizes your carbon footprint. Also, having minimal environmental disturbance preserves your rose bushes and vegetation.

You want faster pipe installations with long-term durability

People’s biggest point of disagreement against trenchless pipe rehabilitation is its durability. Certainly, with that much convenience, there must be a drawback. And likely in terms of durability. 

Well, no.

Trenchless rehabilitation does not compromise the durability of the pipes. Pipelines installed using this method rival the structural integrity of regular pipes minus the corrosive properties.

Another benefit to trenchless pipe installations and repairs is their quick project completion times. If conventional practices take days or weeks to finish, trenchless installations only take a few hours.

You want to save on cost.

You want to save on cost.

From an economic standpoint, trenchless rehabilitation is much better than conventional approaches. While these state-of-the-art solutions cost more upfront, they help you save money in the long run. And we’ll explain how.

First, completing trenchless pipe repairs and replacements takes less time, saving you more on labor costs.

Second, you don’t have to spend a dime on your yard’s repairs and restoration when you choose trenchless.

Third, the absence of a giant hole in your yard decreases the probability of injuries, saving you from insurance claims and lawsuits.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to pursue trenchless rehabilitation. These approaches offer you benefits that conventional methods can only dream of having. Finding a reliable provider who can render such services only falls on you.

With Drain Magic, South Central Pennsylvania homeowners can enjoy trenchless rehabilitation for their underground drains and sewer lines. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you live around the area and need a service.

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