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10 Questions to Ask Your Drain Experts

Dealing with underground drainage problems is some of the most horrific experiences in a homeowner’s life.

Not only because homeowners can only flush peacefully with sewage backing up their toilets. But hiring drain experts is also an anxiety-inducing ordeal— you don’t know whether they’ll fix or worsen the issue.

The first step to overcoming this fear is knowing what questions to ask your drain experts. This gives you a feel of their expertise and tells you if they’re suitable for the job.

If you’re wondering what questions to ask your drain specialists, stay tuned.

Here, we’ll tackle the ten essential questions to throw at your drainage contractors. These frequently asked questions on drain problems will put their credibility to the test. And ultimately, let you know if they can provide quality repair services.

What Do Drain Experts Do?

Drainage experts are meant to deal with sewer lines and underground drains. That means what you ask your drain specialists should revolve around this matter.

Drainage contractors ensure that your drain and water lines work perfectly. They are the ones you call for the repair, rehabilitation and installation of underground drain pipes. But if homeowners are dealing with indoor piping problems or issues with water fixtures, they must call plumbers instead.

That said, it’s expected for drain experts to have complete mastery of their craft. Otherwise, they might not be as competent as they say they are. So consider these questions the acid test they must survive before winning over your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Drain Experts

Just in case you’re wondering, we purposely didn’t include questions like:

  • Is your team licensed?
  • Do you have certifications?
  • Do you have insurance?

These are mandatory requirements for drainage contractors. And if your professionals cannot present any of the above, conclude your business with them immediately.

With that out of the way, here are ten questions to ask your drain experts:

What are the most common causes of drain blockages_#1 What are the most common causes of drain blockages?

This is elementary knowledge for drainage contractors. Asking this question reveals a rabbit hole of possible causes behind drain clogs.

Serving residential homeowners, drainage experts must have first-hand knowledge of what causes drainage problems at home.

There are also uncontrollable causes of drain blockages, like tree roots and pipe displacement. For instance, hair that falls during the shower or grease thrown into the sink could clog your drain line. Sanitary napkins, tampons, and even wipes branded as flushable could block your drains.

Your drain experts must know this information.

#2 How can I prevent drain blockages from occurring?

This question tests their care for you and your drain’s well-being. Unfortunately, some drain contractors are in it for the money. They won’t give you professional advice on how to keep drain blockages from happening. Instead, they’ll be contacted when issues persist.

A trustworthy drain expert cares about your drains and your bank account. They will let you know if they have any tips to keep clogs from happening.

#3 What should I do if I have a drain blockage?

Piggybacking off question #2, this is another test of their genuine concern. Drainage contractors must provide clear steps on what should be done when this happens.

For example, they know their stuff if they provide innovative solutions like using a plumbing snake. True experts will give you actionable advice to assess the situation before asking you to call them.

#4 How do you locate the source of a drain blockage?

Like the rest of the world, drain technology also advances by the second. Your contractors must be in on the latest tools that make damage assessment easier.

Modern-day experts have moved on from the archaic way of inspecting underground drains. If they say digging your lawn is necessary to find the problem, run! Ensure your contractors possess gadgets like sewer cameras to inspect your drain line without damage.

#5 What are the different methods of drain cleaning?

Aside from knowing the causes of drain blockages, learning how to maintain drains is also essential.

Are they familiar with high-pressure water jetting? What about eco-friendly solutions like enzymatic cleaners? Do they know about chemical and electro-mechanical cleaning?

These are all important questions that reveal the level of expertise your drainage contractors have.

#6 What are the benefits of regular drain maintenance?

Drain maintenance should not be a drain expert’s concern but a homeowner’s responsibility. Talking about proper drain maintenance and cleaning is second nature for real drainage professionals. But they need to learn how to clean. Do they know the benefits of regular drain maintenance?

What are some signs that indicate a clogged drain_#7 What are some signs that indicate a clogged drain?

Here’s the thing: there are no direct ways to catch a clogged drain. Even seasoned drain experts cannot tell if there is a clog without inspecting it using a camera. However, they must know the tell-tale signs that you may have underground drain problems. For example:

  • Slow drains
  • Backups
  • Downspout leaks
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Puddling on your property

There are many more. But if contractors can’t name one, be more vigilant about hiring them.

#8 How do you determine if a drain needs repair or replacement?

This is where drain expertise questions get real. 

Some contractors immediately upsell drain line services to make a quick buck. For example, they recommend a complete pipe installation even for minor leaks. But trenchless drain experts will offer the best possible solution for your issue.

They should offer solutions like hydro-jetting or pipe relining for minor leaks and cracked pipes. Pipe installation practices, like pipe bursting, are only recommended if your pipes are fully damaged or displaced.

What is your experience in dealing with drain problems_

#9 What is your experience in dealing with drain problems?

Drain problems are like snowflakes. Every issue is unique and sometimes requires out-of-the-box solutions. That’s why hiring drain experts with years of experience dealing with all kinds of drain issues is ideal.

If the contractor has served for over a decade, their reliability score on your books should automatically increase. Also, it helps to ask for references from previous clients their company has serviced. This will give you a clearer picture of their expertise.

#10 What are your rates for drain cleaning, repair and replacement services?

We get it. You probably think that rate should be higher up the list. But truthfully, knowing their expertise must precede the costs of their service. After all, it’s not worth considering cheaper contractors if it means poorer service rendered.

For example, traditional plumbers that excavate your yard often offer lower prices upfront. But the amount of headache, stress and additional costs down the line is high. In contrast, trenchless drain contractors can fix your problems without property damage and with quick turnaround times.

There you have it.

These are the questions to ask drain experts before hiring them. If you are a South Central Pennsylvania homeowner looking for trenchless drain experts, Drain Magic can help you.

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