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Sewer Camera Inspection: What To Expect

Underground drains and sewer lines are some of the most overlooked aspects of a household. Ironically, neglecting your drainage system may lead to unimaginable damage, leaving a homeowner’s pockets dry and their properties wet.

Checking your sewer lines can help you locate sewer problems and minimize the damage before it worsens. That is where sewer camera services come in.

A sewer camera inspection is a modern-day solution plumbers use to scan underground drains for potential damage. But what exactly can you expect from a sewer camera inspection service? And should you consider it if your sewer lines are in tip-top shape?

Drain Magic answers these questions in this comprehensive guide. Keep reading.

What To Expect From a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Unlike previous decades, contemporary plumbers can access remote robotics and modern materials to conduct sewer inspections. Homeowners relied on tell-tale signs to assess their household’s plumbing. But these qualitative indications already indicate the presence of damage.

A sewer camera inspection is a pre-emptive measure to identify sewer problems before they become too severe.

Sewer line checks can go two ways:

First, the professionals insert a push camera to scour the length of your drainage system. This is more feasible for households with cleanout pipes or access points to their drains.

Experts may use remote-controlled robots to access the drain through the nearest manhole. Using infrared cameras and lasers, the robot inspects the drainage system for cracks or crevices.

Drain Magic offers both services for all South Central Pennsylvania homeowners requiring a sewer camera inspection.

5 Basic Reasons You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection Today

I haven’t seen tell-tale signs yet; my plumbing must be good. Why should I pay for a sewer camera inspection?

As mentioned earlier, sewer scanning is a preventive measure. Instead of waiting for the damage to blow out of proportion, sewer camera inspection nips them from the bud.

That said, here are five reasons to consider getting one:

To detect blockages and clogs

Sewage backups pose a health hazard. Clogged pipes are the foremost drainage problem. Pouring fats or oil creates a grease blockage.  If left unchecked, sewer lines can leak or overflow, leading to extensive damage.

Other things like potato peel, coffee grounds and eggshells are common culprits behind blockages. With a sewer camera inspection, plumbers know what measures to apply to solve the problem.

To identify broken or collapsed pipes

Another reason to consider a sewer camera inspection is to help professionals determine the best solution for pipe problems. For instance, the process of repairing sewer cracks varies greatly from replacing completely collapsed pipes.

For broken pipes, plumbers may opt for trenchless pipe lining, which repairs the damaged portion. This is more cost-effective than having to replace the entire pipeline. Alternatively, trenchless pipe bursting may be more feasible for sewer lines beyond repair.

Either way, a sewer camera inspection can guide plumbers and homeowners on the best solution possible.

tree root intrusionsTo locate tree root intrusions

Root intrusions are the leading cause of damaged pipes. Sometimes, even newly installed underground drains can collapse when tree roots enter the picture.

Minor tree root intrusions are manageable. However, manually cutting the roots might be the best course for major tree root intrusion. In some cases, pipe relining can prevent roots from completely penetrating the pipes.

A simple sewer scan provides insights into where the problem persists and how homeowners can resolve it.

To identify misaligned or offset pipes

Unfortunately, simple misalignments can result in severe damage when left undetected. Some pipes may experience misalignment or offsetting when the surrounding soil becomes too heavy. This happens during heavy rains, and the soil gets waterlogged with moisture.

Seeking sewer camera inspection services helps you locate offset pipes and reinforce them before collapsing. Pipe relining may strengthen its structural integrity.

Sewer Camera Inspection

To detect leaks and other potential problems

All major piping problem often begins with a simple leak. But leaks can lead to broken pipes and completely collapsed sewer lines when left in the dark. Using flexible rods with cameras, technicians can view the pipes and spot issues in real-time. This helps experts detect leaks before they progress into something worse.

For leaks, pipe relining is a quick fix that restores the pipes to an almost new state. But this would only be possible with sewer camera inspection taking the lead.

Is Sewer Camera Inspection Worth It?

“Prevention is better than cure” applies to sewer lines. A sewer camera inspection detects sewer problems before they arise, helping homeowners implement immediate solutions. Pipe problems left undetected can cascade into full-blown replacements, costing more expensive. Sewer camera services are worth it.

For South Central Pennsylvania residents looking for one, Drain Magic can help. Call us at 717-936-9444 or visit our website to book an appointment.