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Sewer Lateral Inspection: 5 Things You Need To Know

Not everyone knows this, but the sewer lateral is the backbone of your household’s pipelines. Sewer laterals connect your property’s drainage system to the community’s main sewer line. In other words, they are the conduits allowing toilet waste, sink water and bathroom water to leave your premises properly.

With poor maintenance and the absence of sewer lateral inspection, sewage may remain deposited in your household. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this fact. We don’t have to emphasize how aggravating it can be to deal with the smell and the cost of repairs.

Drain Magic recommends regular sewer lateral inspection for South Central Pennsylvania homeowners to ensure the system works as it should.

Keep reading to discover what you must know about sewer lateral inspections.

What is A Sewer Lateral InspectionWhat is A Sewer Lateral Inspection?

Before you understand sewer lateral inspection, having a working knowledge of how pipelines and sewers work is necessary.

Ever wonder where your wastewater and excrements end up after traveling the lengths of your pipeline? There are two answers:

  1. They go to your septic tank
  2. They lead to the city’s wastewater treatment facility

The first destination is pretty straightforward. Septic tanks are manually built for your home’s wastewater and are located 10-25 feet outside your abode. Every three years or so, septic engineers clean your tank by pumping out the waste.

As for the latter, the process is a bit more complex. You need an efficient sewer lateral that connects your household’s drainage line to the community’s main sewer line. The wastewater then traverses the length, ultimately leading to the wastewater treatment facility.

A sewer lateral inspection ensures that your laterals are in working order and the wastewater can pass through them easily. If you’re getting or planning to get a sewer lateral inspection, here’s what you need to know.

5 Things to Know About Sewer Lateral Inspections

Understand its purpose

We have established that a sewer lateral inspection is important to maintain the integrity of your home’s plumbing. It ensures that the pipeline connecting your house to the community’s main sewer line is in good condition and properly functioning.

But more importantly, homeowners must know the repercussions of not having a sewer line inspection. Unlike other pipes, broken sewer laterals are easily overlooked, and you may not notice anything until telltale signs start appearing.

Without sewer lateral inspection, you may notice foul-smelling pools of water surrounding your property. Aside from the pungent odor, the sewage may waterlog the soil, which damages your landscape. Broken laterals may also result in clogged pipes and foul smells inside the household.

Having your pipes regularly inspected can help prevent these problems from emerging.

sewer lateral inspectionsKnow the different types of sewer lateral inspections

There are many ways to go about the sewer line inspection services on your laterals. The type used depends on the more feasible entry point.

Remote robotics are used when professionals perform the inspection through the nearest manhole. The drain-scanning robot is equipped with infrared cameras and lasers to assess the length of your sewer laterals. Conversely, experts may use push cameras when inspecting via your household’s cleanout pipe.

With modern technology, Drain Magic practices both sewer line video inspection services to observe the state of your laterals. That means no damage to property nor expensive costs to have your sewer lateral inspected.  

Understand the cost of a sewer lateral inspection

Thanks to modern solutions, manually accessing your sewer laterals is no longer practiced today. Plumbers and sewer service technicians employ a more modern approach, but this technology comes at a price.

A basic sewer camera inspection may cost around anywhere between $125 to $500. A more reliable inspection may even reach $900. A low-end inspection hovers around $70, but you’re getting poorer service and possibly inaccurate sewer line inspection reports.

It’s best to contact your local plumber to know how much they charge.

Prepare for the inspection

The cost of sewer lateral inspection depends on quite a few factors. This includes the technician’s experience, equipment used and branding. However, it doesn’t hurt to call the sewer professionals and ask for a quick quote.

At Drain Magic, you may call us at 717-936-9444 to ask about our service fee before the inspection. We’ll gladly support you with your inquiries to help you mentally and physically prepare for the inspection.

professional sewer inspector

Hire a professional sewer inspector

Finally, the last thing to know about sewer lateral inspection is finding the right service professionals. Make sure to review their websites and read reviews before committing to a service.

If you’re a South Central Pennsylvania homeowner that needs a sewer lateral inspection, we’re here to support you. Drain Magic invites all inquiries on our costs, team and equipment to help you make that decision.

Call us at 717-936-9444 or book an appointment here.