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Drain Specialists vs. Drain Experts (What’s the Difference?)

Here’s the situation: it’s a fine Monday morning, birds a-chirpin’ and the sun’s warmth penetrates your bathroom window. You heed nature’s call to kickstart the new day, but as you drain the toilet, reality hits— it’s not flushing!

You panic. What would have been a wonderful daydream switched into an early nightmare. After a few moments of berserk, you finally come to your senses. “Phew, I’ll call it in,” you said.

But who exactly will you call: Drain specialists or drain experts?

While both seem equipped to fix clogged drains, there’s more to them than meets the eye. A wrong choice between drain specialists and experts could mean the horrific destruction of your luscious lawn and rose bushes. Conversely, the correct selection leads to zero drain issues with no property damage.

So, who’s your pick?

Stay tuned because, in this article, Drain Magic compares drain specialists with drain experts. Ultimately, you will know better who to call when drainage problems arise.

Drain Specialists vs. Drain Experts

Isn’t the term “specialist” synonymous with “experts”? Well, technically, yes. But having similar meanings is different from being equally the same. Such is the case for these two terminologies.

Expert and specialist are both terms that refer to individuals with specialized knowledge and skills in a given field. However, subtle differences separate the two words.

An expert is a person knowledgeable and experienced in a particular field. Accumulating vast amounts of knowledge over time, they have a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

On the other hand, specialists are experts with a specific focus or specialized practice within a particular field. They have deep knowledge and expertise, often called upon to provide in-depth analysis of a given matter.

In other words, all specialists are experts but not all experts are specialists.

In the case of drain-solving, both people have the knack, skill, knowledge, workforce and expertise to perform repairs or installations. However, drain specialists offer additional state-of-the-art solutions that drain experts can only dream of. We’ll explore them below.

Drain ExpertsDrain Experts

Service providers who know how to repair and replace damaged underground drains or sewer lines are drain experts. However, regular drain experts are associated with traditional drain contractors. The services, equipment and range of expertise vary compared to modern drain contractors, a.k.a. drain specialists.

  • Services they offer

Drain experts are often stuck in the archaic way of fixing underground drains. They ascribe to traditional drain practices, which involve a lot of excavation. For instance, digging up your lawn is necessary to locate the leak or damage in your sewer line. Plus, they need manual access to the damaged pipe to repair or replace it.

  • Equipment they use

Given the extensive digging process, shovels and heavy backhoes are often needed to complete a drain expert’s job. As for the pipes, they often use materials made from PVC, cast iron or clay. These are commonly used tubes in the plumbing industry, known for their durability and longevity.

  • Range of expertise

Drain experts are aware of the new technology surrounding drain repair and replacements. However, they remain committed to their practices. In their defense, there are some drain problems that only traditional techniques can fix. For instance, underground drains with extensive damage or ancient pipes will benefit more from conventional practices.

Drain SpecialistsDrain Specialists

Drain specialists have specialized practice or focus on drain repairs and replacements. They are often associated with a modern or trenchless approach to fixing drain problems and sewer snags. As the name suggests, trenchless drain solutions do not involve any trenches or excavation.

  • Services they offer

Drain specialists introduce specialized services into the table. This includes pipe relining and pipe bursting.

Pipe relining deals with creating a new pipe layer within existing pipelines. This is ideal for repairing minor leaks or cracks. On the other hand, pipe bursting is best applied to significantly damaged pipes. Pipe bursting shatters the existing pipeline while simultaneously pulling a new tube into place.

Both pipe relining and pipe bursting happen underneath the surface. That means everything above-ground remains as beautiful as before and after the service.

Drain Specialists equipment they use

  • Equipment they use

Drain specialists are equipped with remote robotics and modern materials to get the job done. They use push cameras to conduct sewer camera inspections, which means no digging is needed to find the problem.

The pipes used for modern-day repairs are also quite different from traditional repairs. For instance, pipe relining uses a flexible liner made from epoxy resin pipes that are cured in place. While pipe bursting uses HDPE or high-density polyethylene pipes that potentially last 100 years.

  • Range of expertise

The expertise of drain specialists is narrow and poured into this modern-day drain repair solution. While they repair and replace pipes, it’s better to seek traditional methods for other circumstances. For example, traditional is better for installing new pipes in a home or replacing a household’s entire pipelines.

At the end of the day, drain specialists and drain experts have their strengths and weaknesses. Who you call depends entirely on the damage in your piping system. It’s always best to call drain contractors, like Drain Magic, for an initial assessment of your underground drains.

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