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How Often Should You Schedule Drain Cleaning Services?

Your drains are one component of your home that consistently fails to receive attention or recognition.

They are the primary conduits that siphon out the mess from your kitchen, keeping the area squeaky clean. However, many homeowners neglect cleaning their drains or overlook scheduling drain cleaning services because “it still works.”

Unfortunately, subjecting drains to this much pressure will come right around at you. The buildup of grease, food waste and other substances only deteriorates your drain lines. What could have been a low-cost drain cleaning becomes expensive repairs and an emergency drain service.

So this begs the question: how often should you schedule a drain cleaning service?

Stay tuned because Drain Magic will answer this age-old question below.

Recommended Schedule for Drain Cleaning

Professional plumbers and drain specialists will recommend scheduling an annual drain cleaning service whether or not your plumbing has issues. Clogs don’t happen overnight. Sometimes, they reveal themselves when the unthinkable has already happened.

While a yearly check-up is an excellent roundabout schedule, there are layers to this recommendation. Some situations might require you to pursue drain cleaning services sooner.

Read on to see the list of recommended schedules for drain cleaning:

Annual maintenance for residential propertiesAnnual maintenance for residential properties

An annual drain cleaning schedule is a good rule of thumb for residential properties. While you can clean your sinks independently, seeking a professional’s help for more accurate results is better.

Drain specialists use sewer camera inspection to detect clogs or damages in your plumbing. You can’t rule out that a dislodged pipe or root intrusion is the main reason behind drain blockages. In this case, a professional maintenance service can prevent drain problems from escalating into bigger headaches.

Sometimes, homeowners may only need professional drain cleaning every two years if they religiously clean and maintain their drains. Otherwise, annual maintenance is a good roundabout schedule. 

Quarterly or monthly maintenance for commercial properties

Since commercial properties cater to more activities and active use of facilities, maintenance check-ups must happen more frequently.

For instance, restaurants and shopping centers are more likely to have food, grease and calcium buildup in their drains. In this case, it’s essential to place preventive measures to keep drain clogs from occurring.

Enzyme drain cleaners effectively remove food deposits along the inner drain walls. Unlike chemical cleaners that damage pipes, enzyme solutions only break down organic matter upon contact.

Drain cleaners are effective quick fixes to minor drain clogs. However, seeking a professional drain specialist for severe blocks or damaged pipes is crucial.

Customized schedule for specific situations

Some situations call for immediate drain cleaning than others. For instance, food waste is often flushed down your sink when you host a house party.

During these scenarios, it’s essential to implement good drain maintenance practices to prevent the unthinkable. Or, you can call for a professional drain cleaning service to do it for you.

Factors to Consider For Drain Cleaning Service

There are many reasons to schedule a drain cleaning service. But homeowners tend to ignore the factors that influence the frequency of requiring drain maintenance. Here they are:

Age of the plumbing systemAge of the plumbing system

Homeowners of newly constructed buildings tend to require less drain cleaning than old residential properties. The inner walls of old pipes often have scales that capture food waste and grease, unlike new drains. Moreover, older pipes have weaker structural integrity, making them more prone to root intrusions and damage.

Frequency of use

Residential plumbing systems are less likely to require drain cleaning services than commercial establishments. One good reason behind this is the facilities’ frequency of usage— the more users, the higher the likelihood of clogs.

Type of pipes

The piping material used also influences the frequency of drain cleaning services. Mainly, cast iron pipes are susceptible to clogs because of corrosion. The formation of rust and rough surfaces can catch debris and waste, causing blockages.

Presence of trees or other vegetation

While cast iron pipes are susceptible to internal clogging, pipes like PVC are susceptible to root intrusion. PVC pipes lose physical integrity over time, making them structurally weak against roots. Regularly checking your lines for damage is a good idea if your house has vegetation around.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

The advantages of having your drains maintained can never be overstated. With regular drain cleaning, you can:

  1. Prevent clogs and backups
  2. Improve plumbing system performance
  3. Prolong the lifespan of your drain lines
  4. Save money in the long run

Remember that drain cleaners are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Having your drain specialist on speed dial is crucial to keep drains at their best.

If you’re looking for professional drain cleaners, Drain Magic has you covered. We are the number one partner of Pennsylvania homeowners for their drain cleaning and maintenance needs.

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