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Best Ways to Find Plumbers Near You

With the rise of online marketing, many service providers, like plumbers or drain contractors, are catching on. In the past, only those contractors who actually invested in their craft were available online. That is no longer true nowadays.

One simple “plumbers near me” search query on Google reveals a long list of contractors.

The question is: are all of them as reliable as advertised?

Finding plumbers nearby is easy. But finding the diamond in the rough, a.k.a. the best plumbers around? That’s where it gets tricky.

Stay tuned because, in this article, Drain Magic shares how to find the best drain contractors or plumbers near you.

How Do You Find Your Local Plumbers?

There are two schools of thought when finding local plumbers or sewer line specialists:

  1. Traditional means
  2. Modern ways

For your benefit, we’ll explore both here to maximize your chances of working with reliable and effective people.

Traditional Ways of Finding a Plumber in Your Area

While digital marketing is gaining ground, traditional marketing methods remain tried and true. In fact, you can sometimes find the best plumbers only through conventional means. In other words, those companies have built a solid local market that pursuing online presence is longer necessary.

Be on the lookout because there might be drain contractors in your area with such a reputation. Below are three traditional practices for finding the best plumbers near you.

Ask for recommendationsAsk for recommendations

The first suggestion is straightforward: word-of-mouth.

Don’t you find it curious that you feel more confident about buying a product when a friend attests to it? Conversely, you feel strongly against buying a solution when a friend tells you it’s a bad purchase.

Word-of-mouth marketing remains the most powerful means of advertising.

In this case, ask co-workers or neighbors about their plumbers. They might recommend some fantastic people you wouldn’t find online. Once they drop a name or a company, do your due diligence to research.

Check with your local plumbing supply store

Plumbing stores are another good information hub for finding plumbers near you.

Local plumbers likely get their supplies from these resellers. Moreover, employees at plumbing supply stores typically have good knowledge of the local plumbing industry. If that is the case, they can provide names for you to contact.

The store indirectly puts its reputation on the line by recommending reputable plumbers. Therefore, they will likely refer qualified, reliable plumbers who can effectively handle plumbing needs.

Like the previous point, conduct your research before reaching out. Feel free to search online or ask if people know the plumber or contractor.

Look for local ads

Contrary to popular belief, local ads can be a helpful resource for finding reliable plumbers in the area. For instance, local ads include contact details to help you get in touch with them. Sometimes, their services or specializations are included in the ad, perfect for narrowing down your particular needs.

Occasionally, local ads might offer special promotions, discounts, or coupons for plumbing services. This is beneficial for homeowners looking to save on their plumbing expenses.

Here are some local ads to watch out for:

  • Print media like newspapers, magazines, community newsletters and classified sections
  • Local business directories
  • Local TV and radio stations

Still, always read ads with a grain of salt. Asking the right qualifying questions ensures you are working with the right people.

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Modern Ways of Finding Plumbers Near Your Area

Thanks to modern technology, we are no longer boxed into traditional methods to find the best plumbers. Today, homeowners like you can easily access a wealth of online information to find service providers, including plumbers.

Below are three ways to find the best plumbers near you:

Online searchOnline Search

I just did online searching and couldn’t find anyone reliable.

That’s understandable and valid. Google’s information delivery is dependent on the quality of a search query, so ditch “plumbers near me.”

To find quality plumbers, be more specific about your query. 

For example, you may write your search query in this format: required service + exact location i.e. same-day plumber + Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania.

Moreover, here are some other keywords you may want to search depending on your particular needs:

  • Emergency plumber near me
  • Sewer plumbers near me
  • Residential plumbers near me
  • Private plumbers near me
  • Reliable plumbers near me
  • Toilet plumbers near me
  • Drain cleaning service near me
  • Hydro-jetting service near me

Adding a single word to refine your search allows you to narrow down on the right service provider. Be specific about the service you require. Do you need toilet service? Are you facing underground drain problems? Is there a leak in your sewer lines?

The more specific your query, the better results and services you get.

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps rising in popularity, some developers created ones to find services. While most popular apps focus more on quick services and errands are made for skilled services like plumbing.

Three of the most popular apps you can find on Google Playstore or Apple App Store are:

  • AllBetter
  • Handy
  • Thumbtack

The only bottleneck is if plumbers are not registered on the app. Still, there’s no harm in trying.

Social Media

Social Media

Finally, another excellent platform to find online services like plumbing is social media. Most drain contractors and plumbers today are most likely connected on one or two platforms.

Facebook is a perfect place to search for plumbing services. With the plethora of search options available, it’s fairly easy to narrow down your search.

Other impressive platforms for finding plumbers are Instagram and TikTok. Meanwhile, you can use social forums like Reddit for more in-depth discussions about local services.

Plus, with modern-day ad retargeting, you are more likely to see plumbing ads on social media just by reading this.

Nonetheless, when searching for service providers online, always read reviews and feedback from past customers. Additionally, if an online platform allows ratings or recommendations, use it to your benefit.

Finding the best plumbers doesn’t have to be rocket science anymore. With these tips, we hope you can find the best people for your particular plumbing needs.

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