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The Role of Technology in Modern Drain Services

Be honest.

When talking about modern technology, you don’t think of drain services, do you?

Most of the time, artificial intelligence, robots or space travel are the prime things that cross our minds. Plumbing services and sewer cleaning solutions seem to be a far-fetched afterthought.

Don’t worry— no offense taken.

The beauty of progress is that every walk of life, knowingly or unknowingly, bathes in the same development. Modern drain services are no exemption.

Today, Drain Magic looks back at how modern technology has radically changed plumbing services into what it is now. Keep reading.

Technology and Its Impact on Residential Drain Services

Technology’s impact is extensive.

Everything that is “tech” is meant to make life more convenient for users. For instance, instead of sending snail mail, we can quickly contact people via various platforms and applications.

The same applies to modern drain services. Over the years, plumbing technology has worked towards streamlining residential drain cleaning solutions. As a result, homeowners today no longer have to endure the headache of seeing their properties sliced and diced.

With modern technology embedded in drain services, we can avoid the dreadful digging. Drains can be cleaned, repaired and replaced remotely— no mess, no stress.

That’s what Drain Magic offers. Using remote robotics and modern materials, we help Pennsylvania homeowners overcome any drain problems or sewer line snags. That means same-day repairs, minimal property disruption and no neighborhood disturbance.

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Traditional vs. Modern Drain ServicesTraditional vs. Modern Drain Services

The advent of modern technology set a vast divide between conventional drain contractors and modern solution providers.

Traditional methods may be relatively cheaper upfront, but they’re messy, stressful and property-damaging, which homeowners collectively hate. On the other hand, while modern solutions are more premium, they keep your lawns and rose bushes looking lush as ever.

The traditional method had a lot of heart. Unfortunately, the approach was limited by the technology of its time.

Can you imagine digging up your lawn to repair a leak in your sewer lines under your property? 

Meanwhile, modern solutions can repair pipe leaks or replace drains without digging. All you need is a basement cleanout or a teeny-tiny hole, and you’re set.

However, many overlook that traditional and modern drain services were never at war. In fact, they complement each other.

While progressive, modern drain services also have limitations. For instance, when you’re dealing with completely dislodged or fully collapsed pipes, that’s when traditional approaches take center stage.

Think of it this way.

They have their respective pros and cons. Modern drain services may take the edge, but there are cases when contractors will have to perform traditional means. It is inevitable, provided some circumstances.

Now that we’re swerving away from the subject, what are some examples of modern technology in drain services? Let’s explore below.

Examples of Technology in Drain Services

Advancement has brought several technological marvels to grace the drain and plumbing industry.

There is way more to feast our eyes on, aside from the newly introduced piping materials like high-grade PVC, HDPE and other polymers. 

If we recall, residential households previously used cast iron, copper, clay and Orangeburg pipes. All of these archaic items pale in comparison to today’s modern materials.

Still, there are much more impressive applications of modern technology in drain services, like:

Sewer camera inspectionSewer camera inspection

Back then, workers had to access the pipes manually to repair drain problems, but that’s no longer the case today. With push cameras and remote robotics, today’s drain specialists can now perform sewer camera inspections. That means getting real-time live-feed access to your underground drains to observe clogs or find pipe cracks.

The benefit of this is no longer having to dig holes to find problems. All experts need is an access point like a cleanout; they can identify issues from there.

Trenchless technology

Perhaps the most significant and influential impact of tech advancement to drain services is the introduction of trenchless technology. As the name suggests, this method eliminates the use of trenches or “digging holes” on your lawn.

While most of today’s drain services are trenchless by practice, two activities are most attributed to this modern approach:

  • Pipe relining
  • Pipe bursting

Pipe relining

Pipe relining uses a combination of CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) liners and epoxy resins to repair cracks or breaks in pipes. This process uses special liners inserted through the access point that are then expanded and cured to extreme hardness. Thus, creating a new layer within existing lines.

In other words, you create a new pipe without replacing the old ones. This extends the lifespan of your plumbing system by decades, especially with good care.

Pipe bursting

If pipe relining is a repair process, pipe bursting is a replacement method for old pipes.

Pipe bursting works by inserting a bursting head into the piping system while simultaneously pulling the new material. Experts only need an access point to perform pipe bursting, like pipe relining. For this process, there will be no extensive digging or heavy equipment, just a machine that does the job.

The HDPE pipes used for this process usually last over half a century in durability. That means current homeowners will be long gone before their descendants have to deal with pipes again.

Hydro jet drain cleaning

Dealing with pesky clogs? Not a problem.

This list wouldn’t be modern drain services without recognizing hydro jet drain cleaning as a current solution. While the good old hot water pipe cleaning still holds, hydro jetting is the progressive way to clean pipes.

Using specialized nozzles, the high-pressure water from these machines washes away food, grime, grease, and scales from plumbing systems.

Robotic technology

Robotic technology

Finally, robotics are now being integrated into drain service systems. One good example are drain snake machines. 

Drain snake machines are auto-functioning electric drain augers that twist around the pipe, clearing any clog-causing debris. With one push of a button, these robotics can now perform what plumbers and homeowners used to do manually.

We are still waiting to witness more applications of robotics in drain services. But with how things are progressing, it’s only a matter of time before we meet another revolutionary drain solution.

Want to know a secret?

Drain Magic happens to be ahead of the curve in modern drain technology.

So, if you’re a Pennsylvania homeowner looking for modern, non-invasive, no-headache drain solutions, call us.

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