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What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling? How Does It Work?

horizontal directional drilling

Modern technology has enabled homeowners to enjoy the convenience of avoiding trenches for their underground drains and sewer repairs. Pipe relining is the trenchless solution for repairing minor leaks and root intrusions. On the other hand, pipe bursting is more suitable for severely displaced and crushed pipelines. But how about homeowners who want to add … Read more

Which is Better: Pipe Bursting or Pipe Relining?

Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting and pipe relining are two of the most prominent modern-day solutions to sewer snags or underground drain problems. While similar in focus, the two approaches vary in practice and execution. This poses three important questions: What is the difference between pipe bursting and pipe relining? Which is the better solution for your underground … Read more

How To Do Proper Pipe Lining

pipe lining

While homeownership comes with many liberating advantages and benefits, it does not mean homeowners are free from headaches. One particular bane of property owners is dealing with sewer or underground drain problems. If memory serves us right, sewer snags often lead to expensive pipe repair costs. Pipelining is the preferred modern-day solution for pipe maintenance … Read more

Sewer Camera Inspection: What To Expect

sewer camera inspection

Underground drains and sewer lines are some of the most overlooked aspects of a household. Ironically, neglecting your drainage system may lead to unimaginable damage, leaving a homeowner’s pockets dry and their properties wet. Checking your sewer lines can help you locate sewer problems and minimize the damage before it worsens. That is where sewer … Read more

Sewer Lateral Inspection: 5 Things You Need To Know

Sewer Lateral Inspection

Not everyone knows this, but the sewer lateral is the backbone of your household’s pipelines. Sewer laterals connect your property’s drainage system to the community’s main sewer line. In other words, they are the conduits allowing toilet waste, sink water and bathroom water to leave your premises properly. With poor maintenance and the absence of … Read more

7 Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair

There is never a win-win solution in underground drain and sewer line repairs. Too often, homeowners and property managers are left with an inevitable and painful decision. This is to sacrifice their luscious lawn and beautiful landscape to give way for their pipe restoration. But with trenchless pipe repair, skipping that option is on the … Read more

How Much Do Trenchless Pipe Replacements Cost?

trenchless pipe replacement

Facing underground drain or sewer line problems is one of the most dreadful experiences that many homeowners go through. Aside from the insufferable property damage, they deal with expensive pipe repairs or replacements. The high cost of restoring the property to its pristine beauty adds insult to injury. Thankfully, trenchless pipe replacement offers a more … Read more

Is a Trenchless Sewer Repair the Right Choice for You?

Is trenchless sewer repair always the right solution_

Trenchless underground drain repair has taken the world by storm. Gone are the days when digging trenches was non-negotiable to fix your sewer line. Today, people can enjoy a non-invasive, less destructive process of repairing or replacing damaged drains. But is choosing trenchless sewer repair the right choice for you? Or does going back to … Read more

Sewer Line: Repair or Replacement?

Image of a damaged sewer line, highlighting the dilemma between repairing or replacing it. Exploring options and making the best decision for your situation.

Sewer problems are often an afterthought to many homeowners. Ironically, sewer line issues are one of the most expensive and disruptive troubles you will face as a homeowner. While sewer lines naturally degrade over time, monitoring your drainage system is essential. Otherwise, paying no attention to your plumbing and drainage can result in costly repairs … Read more

5 Signs of a Sewer Pipe Leak

Discover the five major signs of a sewer pipe leak in this article!

Dealing with a sewer pipe leak is more complicated than other household problems. For one, there is no way of telling if you have a busted underground pipe on your hands. Unlike having circuit breaker issues or observing appliance breakdowns, sewer pipe leak detection is more complex. The lack of direct access to pipes limits … Read more