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Best Drainage Pipes for Underground Systems

Find the best drainage pipe for your underground system, here!

Did you know that many residential drainage pipes were built in the mid-20th century? Naturally, the pipes used during the construction were limited by the available technology at the time. Too often, most households have cast-iron pipes for their drainage system. While unrivaled in toughness, cast-iron pipes’ susceptibility to corrosion tarnishes their durable name. Given … Read more

How Does Trenchless Technology Work?

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is the newest and most significant trend in drain line repairs and replacements. However, given the new name on the scene, many people still need clarification about this no-dig technology. Worry not! Drain Magic is here to flush those lingering questions away. This article explores everything there is to know about trenchless technology. … Read more

7 Common Misconceptions About Trenchless Pipe Lining

We answer the world_s most common misconceptions about trenchless technology!

Adopting new technology is always risky and fear-inducing. After all, not every new technology works as designed, resulting in poor public perception and reception. In the sewer and drain line repair world, trenchless pipe lining is the new solution on the block. This drain repair uses remote robotics and modern materials to repair and replace … Read more

The Fascinating Science of Drainage Systems

Explore the fascinating world of drainage systems with our immersive guide. Discover the inner workings of pipes, drains, and more.

Have you ever been curious about drainage systems and how they work? After all, drainage is an integral part of our everyday lives. Every homeowner likely owns water fixtures and facilities that dispense and drain water. However, where does the liquid flow after flushing your toilet or draining your bathtub?  Think about it. If water … Read more

Drain Repair: Traditional vs. Modern Technology

Comparison between traditional and modern drain repair technology with a question mark in the foreground.

Drain repairs have always been the bane of many homeowners and property managers. While it is a necessary evil, drain line repair compromises beautiful landscapes and concrete pavements. Ironically, repairing busted underground drain lines meant destroying more property. For many years, sewer line repair options were limited to traditional digging and trenching. But modern technology … Read more