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The Advantages of Hiring a Trenchless Plumber

Many homeowners have plumbers on speed dial when pipe problems arise. Plumbers can deal with every clog, crack or fixture problem provided access to the home’s plumbing network.

But what if your plumbing issue stems from sewer lines and underground drains?

This is where a trenchless plumber comes in handy.

Unlike plumbers specializing in aboveground plumbing problems, trenchless plumbers deal with subsurface pipe issues. They use specialized equipment to resolve underground sewer line problems while staying on the surface.

If you’re curious to learn more about these drain specialists, keep reading.

In this article, Drain Magic discusses who they are and the advantages of hiring trenchless plumbers for your plumbing.

What is a Trenchless Plumber?

Trenchless plumbers are a distinct classification of plumbers dealing specifically with underground drains and sewer lines. Compared to conventional practices and traditional drain contractors, trenchless plumbers offer a non-invasive solution to piping problems.

Here’s how.

In the past, drain contractors located plumbing problems by observing the telltale signs of damaged pipes. Absent sensory indications, they often dig up lawns and find the issue manually before the repair process.

To their credit, some have already adopted modern solutions like sewer camera inspections for sewer observations. Still, excavation remains a necessary step to resolve the issue.

As for trenchless service providers, they skip or at least minimize any step that requires digging. They use sophisticated trenchless sewer repairs, like pipe relining or pipe bursting, to deal with underground plumbing problems.

Below, we explore more reasons to consider hiring trenchless plumbers (like Drain Magic!) for your drain issues.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Trenchless Plumber

Do you still need some convincing that trenchless plumbers are the best for your drains? Here’s 5:

Saves You Time

A day is not enough to dig an entire lawn just to locate a plumbing issue. Now consider the repair. How about the restoration? Expect traditional plumbers to spend weeks trying to solve your drain issue.

With a trenchless plumber or contractor, you can say goodbye to sewer snags in a day. Modern technology has dramatically minimized the time and invasive nature of plumbing repair.

Saves You MoneySaves You Money

While invasive and unsightly, traditional sewer line repair may fix your drains, albeit also “draining” your resources, think about it.

With traditional cut-and-dig, you are not only spending on plumbing services. Lawn restoration or pavement reconstruction are other things going into your total bill. In other words, you pay more for what might be a straightforward problem.

On the other hand, trenchless plumbers can implement pipe repair solutions with minimal external damage, if any.

Less Invasive

How do trenchless plumbers achieve a non (or less) invasive process of repairing drains?

Simple. Using two approaches:

  • Pipe relining
  • Pipe bursting

Pipe relining is done by inserting a flexible polymer into your drains, possibly through a small hole or cleanout. Plumbers inflate and cure the polymer into extreme hardness, sealing off cracks. Essentially, you create a brand new pipe within the old one.

On the other hand, pipe bursting uses a bursting head pulled by a machine to shatter your existing drain lines. Concurrently, the bursting head also pulls the new piping material, replacing the old one. In other words, they replace your entire underground drain without direct access or contact.

All these can be achieved while your drain specialists sip coffee with you aboveground.

More Durable

Many households built in the 50s are often fitted with rusty cast-iron pipes. While they were the best pipes then, piping technology has drastically changed today.

Now, modern underground piping materials benefit from the currently available technology. Trenchless plumbers often use HDPE or high-density polyethylene pipes that are tough and corrosion-free.

To put things in perspective, it will take you more than another 50 years before requiring another plumbing service.

Better for the Environment

Better for the Environment

Finally, working with trenchless plumbers benefits the environment more than traditional practices. Unlike conventional solutions, trenchless techs don’t rely on heavy equipment that emits toxic gasses. Plus, you and the community enjoy lesser noise and traffic from each service.

In a trenchless service, fewer people are typically involved in each project. Trenchless sewer line replacement and repair only require a little labor and workforce.

By hiring trenchless plumbers, you’re also contributing to the greater good of the environment.

Look. Regular drain cleaning services can extend the lifespan of your pipes by delaying the onset of deterioration. But with older lines, trenchless rehabilitation may be inevitable.

When underground drain problems arise, it’s crucial to have a trenchless plumber on speed dial. For homeowners in PA, Drain Magic is the #1 trenchless drain specialist in the area.

If you ever need underground drain and sewer repair services, call us.

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